Ann Lambrecht Jewelry is inspired by a collection of stones, gems, artifacts and talismans from around the world – transformed into luxury handmade designer jewelry.  Each piece tells a meaningful story and connects a whole web of people across cultures, distance and time.


I am a vagabond at heart, happiest when I am roaming the globe collecting artifacts, amulets, gemstones and beads.  The quest is filled with serendipity and surprises: revealed in remote markets, and noisy bazaars, in unmarked antique shops and the house belonging to the uncle of my taxi driver. 

I invariably meet the most incredible people – archeologists, matriarchs, toothless old men, tribal elders.  I buy what I find beautiful and interesting.   And I bring these magical treasures back home and turn them into jewelry.

For me, jewelry isn’t about glittery objects filling empty space; it is about telling a story. A story of ancient civilizations and exotic tribes.  Of our primal desire to adorn ourselves, express ourselves and find meaning in symbols and in life.

Every woman who discovers and wears my jewelry becomes part of that story. And the story deepens and extends when she enters it.”